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Influencer Campaigns

Influencer campaigns

We collaborate with A-list to micro influencers across categories and social media platforms to raise awareness about your brand and tell your story to a targeted audience. By tapping into influencers' complementary communities, we drive authentic consideration and real conversion.

You know what you want to say about your product, and influencers know how to best convey your message to the audiences you want to reach.

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Content Creator Club

Content creator club

We are nimble in remotely developing high-quality content in collaboration with our network of vetted creators who are selected based on the quality of their talent, not their following or engagement, unlike influencers.

By capitalizing on our collaborators' proven production skills and network, we are able to create content anywhere at any time.

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Our partners

  1. BQF
  2. Fubiz
  3. Lefty
  4. Le book
  5. YK
  6. Parklu
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  8. H
  9. TV
  10. creator iq
Our Offer

Our offer

Influencer Connection is ReflexGroup one-stop-shop for smart influencer and content solutions.

We help brands navigate the complicated world of influencer and content marketing and manage the process from start to finish.

With partners selected for their proven track records on reach and engagement, we can unlock and offer captive, diverse audiences relevant to any brand.

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